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1 tbs Nutmeg
12 Large Egg Yolks
1 Lb Powedered Sugar
12 Egg Whites
8 Cups heavy cream
4 Cups dark rum or brandy
Freshly grated Nutmeg
6 Eggs
2 CUps of Heavy cream
1 Cup of Milk
1/2 Cup Rum
3/4 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Brandy
1/2 Cup Whisky


Beat the egg yolks and slowly add 2 cups of liquor. Cover and refrigerate for one houor. Then add the remaining liquor, beating slowly, and 8 cups off heavy cream. Cover and refrigerate for another 2-3 hours. In a separate bowl beat eggwhites until they form stiff peaks (but not dry). Add egg whites to other mixture and garnish with grated nutmeg.

Serves: 35


This is an uncoocked eggnong recipe

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