Pomegranate Drinks and Cocktails

Rachel, 2005-03-12

Pomegranate Drink Recipes

Pomegranates are touted for their endless health benefits. But what about that wonderful winy, tannin taste? Sure, pomegranates are healthy. But they also taste great -- especially in cocktails and mixed drinks.

Pomegranates are both sweet and tangy. This is due to the large concentrations of tannins in the juice which according to some research provide extra health bonuses. The unique taste makes pomegranate juice and pomegranate molasses an an excellent mixer for drinks that aren't too sweet and aren't too sour. Pomegranate molasses is sweeter and more concentrated than juice, and a little goes a long way. Although it isnít as readily available as pomegranate juice, it can generally be found at but a trip to your local specialty store or middle eastern grocer. 

Pomegranate juice, as I'm sure you've noticed is available almost anywhere. It's deep red color is attractive and just a splash of pomegranate juice can make a nice contribution to any mixed drink such as a vodka tonic or martini. The most fun and satisfying cocktail recipes are the ones you create on your own through trial and error. Pomegranate juice and syrup can be combined with other citrus juices, or vodka, gin, champagne or anything else you might come up with. But if you're in a pinch we've provided some of the best pomegranate mixed drink and pomegranate cocktail recipes right here.